After witnessing the Great Barrier Reef as a young girl--surrounded by ocean creatures gliding through underwater tunnels--I began to understand the vastness of life that exists in our oceans.


With determination and a passion for adventure, I set forth to explore our underwater world using the combined power of science and performing art.


"Science is an experiment with yourself, and art is the same way"

My Ph.D. work both in the lab and at sea at the Hofmann Lab at the University of California, Santa Barbara, focuses on climate change’s effect on life in the ocean.


As an artist, I aim to make science engaging and accessible to the public by producing work that uses theater, dance, music, and poetry to translate the work of  scientists.

“It’s about committing and exploring and not being afraid”

As an ambassador for science, I serve as a role model for underrepresented youth. Growing up in a low-income community in Southern California, pursuing a career in marine science was an incredible challenge. It gives me immense satisfaction to bring inspiration to the next generation of science.

I am currently working to become a scientific diver through the American Academy of Underwater Sciences to further pursue my love of adventure, discovery, and the natural world.

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